Bygone: My old Breakup poem

And now we pack in silence,
thinking of the future and not the violence. Spinster status is where it’s at, to avoid the drama and the spats.

Your love was genuine until it expired, leaving me stuck and my feet mired . I compromised, fought & believed in us. Our personalities clashed, feeling defeated & brash. I’m selfish . You’re an ass. Quit blaming my kidney disease, as each times a lash.

I’ll wonder if you ever really loved me as your actions are numb. I believe
Physiologically that we are finally done.

My wall rose high as each year left. The shittier part is I blame myself . I ignored the pain your words expressed. As you lied to me with beer on your breath .

Learn from your mistakes and fight for what you want? I was a temporarily ATM and chauffeur at best. We were just Bestfriends, nothing more or nothing less. I don’t love you , I can finally confess. But I care for you so much, that I’m a fucking mess.

Take care you asshole!

An old breakup poem. Nostalgic in a way. And that you can find happiness after a abusive relationship*